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Course Description

Intensive XSLT Programming

Course Objective

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Extensible Style Language Transformation (XSLT) is the language used in XSL style sheets to transform XML documents into other XML documents. An XSL processor reads the XML document and follows the instructions in the XSL style sheet, then it outputs a new XML document or XML-document fragment.

This is extremely useful in e-commerce, where the same data need to be converted into different representations of XML. Not all companies use the exact same programs, applications and computer systems. XSLT recommendation was written and developed by the XSL Working Group and became ratified by the W3C on November 16, 1999.

This course develops the need for XSLT and shows, using examples, how XSLT can be used to produce strikingly different output documents from the same XML sources.

What will you learn

  • Day 1
              Background Information
             History of XML & XML Basics
             Overview of XML & DTDs
             XML Schema Fundamentals
              Validation, Schemas & Types
              Using Schemas within Stylesheets
              Importing Schemas
              Matching by Type & by Substitution Group
              Annotating Node Trees
             Definition of XSL & the XSL Processor
             XSLT Stylesheet Structure
             XSLT Processing Model
             Templates as Mapping Rules
  • Day 2
              Paths & Sequences
             Namespaces, Whitespaces & Information access
             Matching & Selecting Nodes
             Conditional Processing
             Testing Elements & Attributes
             Filtering XML
              Atomic Value Manipulation
             Manipulating Strings
             Manipulating Numbers
             Manipulating Dates, Times & Durations
             Manipulating Qualified Names & URIs
              Variables & Parameters
             Defining Variables
             Using Parameters
Day 3
          Result Trees
         Generating Nodes
         Controlling Output
          Sorting & Grouping
          IDs, Keys & Numbering
         Searching Ids & Keys
         Generating Ids
          Named Templates, & Stylesheet Functions
          Recursion & Tail Recursion
Day 3 (if time permits)
         Building XSLT Applications
         Handling Backward Compatibility & Extensions
         Dynamic XSLT
        Server Side Transformations
        Client Side Transformations
  • Using XSLT and XPath to Generate SVG
         Interpreting RSS with XSLT
        RDF Basics
        Creating & Transforming RSS
  • Forward & XQUERY

Who should attend

This course is designed for software developers and managers who need define XML document types, create XML documents, or develop XML applications and who need to write XSLT style sheets.

Recommended follow-on courses

  • JAVA & XML
  • XML & Databases
  • XML Schemas
  • XML Web Services

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