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Course Description

Relational Database Concepts and Design

Course Outline

General Database Management Background
  • An Overview of Hierarchical, Network, Relational and Object Databases
  • Differences between Data Definition Languages (DDL) and Data Manipulation Languages (DML)
Entity-Relationship Modeling
  • E/R Terms and Definitions
  • Problems Solving using E/R
Relational Theory
  • ANSI-3 Schema Architecture
    • Physical, Logical/Conceptual and View Levels
  • Key Definition
    • Superkey, Candidate key and Primary key
  • Schemes and Instances
  • Attributes and Domains
  • Relational Algebra
    • The Fundamental Operators - Select, Project, Join, Cartesian Product and Set Difference
    • Additional Useful Operators - Set Intersection, Theta-Join, Natural Join, Outer & Inner Joins Division, Rename
    • Problem Solving using Relational Algebra
  • Views and Conceptual Tables
    • The View Update Problem
    • Advantages and Disadvantages of Views
Structured Query Language (SQL)
  • Showing the resolution of SQL Queries from Relational Algebra
  • SQL Expressions - like, exists, in, all, Max, min, avg.
  • Groupby, Orderby and Having clauses
  • SubQueries
    • Self-Join, Correlated SubQueries, and the CASE Statement
  • The SQL-92 Standard
  • Problem Solving in SQL - Basic and Advanced
Database Security
  • Authorization and Authentication
  • Ownership and Privileges
  • Authorization Grant Graph and GRANT Clauses
  • Encryption
  • Establishment of a Security Policy
  • Domain and Referential Integrity
  • Expression of Business Rules
  • Functional Dependencies and Database Design Theory
Normal Forms
  • Normalization Anomalies
  • First, Second, Third,
  • Boyce-Codd Normal Form and Dependency Preservation
  • Multivalued dependencies and Fourth Normal Form
  • Project-Join or Fifth Normal Form
  • Ron Fagin's Domain/Key Normal Form
  • Problem Solving in Normalization theory
Physical Structures in a Database System
  • File Organization
  • Buffer Management
  • Indexing using B-Trees
  • Indexing using Hash Structures
Query Processing Strategies
  • Database Statistics
    • # of rows, Size of Rows and Distinction #s
  • Heuristic and Cost-Based Optimization
  • Join Resolution
  • Query Plan Evaluation
  • Problem Solving for query Optimization
Crash Recovery
  • Recovery from software failure
    • Log with Deferred Update
    • Log with Immediate Update
    • Shadow Paging
  • Recovery from media failures
    • RAID
  • Checkpointing- Commit-Consistent, Cache-Consistent and Fuzzy
Concurrency Control & Transaction Management
  • Serializability theory
  • Definition of a Transaction
  • ACID Properties of a Transaction
  • Transaction Categorization - Flat, Nested and those with Savepoiints
  • 2-phase locking
  • Levels of Isolation
  • Lock Modes and Lock Compatibility Matrices
    • R, W, X and Intention Locks
  • Rosencrantz's Wound-Wait & Wait-Die Algorithms
  • Multiversion Concurrency Control
  • Optimistic Concurrency Control
  • Problem Solving in Transaction Management
Application of Database Concepts to Database Design
  • Database Planning & Information Engineering
  • Database Analysis
  • Conceptual Design
  • Logical Design
  • Physical Design

The role of the Database Administrator

Database Design Project
  • Logical Design
  • Physical design
  • Performance Evaluation

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