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Course Description

XML: A Comprehensive Introduction

Introduction and Overview

  • XML in the real world
  • The benefits of XML
  • XML application deployment XML compared to HTML
  • Markup language vs. markup specification
Writing XML Documents
XML components
  • Declaration
  • Root
  • Element
  • Attribute
  • Entity
The rules of well-formed documents
  • Differentiating between well-formed and valid documents
  • Using XML tools
Benefits of namespaces
  • Assigning Uniform Resource Identifiers (URIs) to namespaces XML in the enterprise
  • Relating XML and metadata
  • Positioning XML in a 3-tier architecture

Locating Documents with Xlink, Xpointer and Xbase

Applying Style with Extensible Stylesheet Languange (XSL)

Applying style to data
  • Design rules
  • XSL elements Exploiting the capabilities of XSL
  • Comparing and contrasting CSS with XSL
  • Processing documents with pattern matching and templates
  • Programming with XSL functions
  • Filtering and sorting data with XSL
Transforming XML
  • Converting XML to HTML using XSL
  • XML-to-XML transformation using XSL VALIDATING XML
  • Validating documents with Document Type Definition (DTD)
Validating Requirements
Writing DTDs
  • Embedding business rules into DTDs
  • DTD syntax and components
  • Validating elements and attributes XML Schemas
Limitations of DTDs
  • Moving DTDs to XML Schemas
  • Writing XML to validate XML
  • Modeling data with XML Schemas
Communicating with Databases Using XML
  • Relational database technologies
  • Options for storing XML in and retrieving XML from databases
  • Accessing databases using middleware XML in the enterprise
  • XML data applications
  • Maximizing the benefits of XML repositories
Processing Information with the Document Object Model (DOM) * Simple API for XML (SAX)
DOM fundamentals

The role of the DOM
  • The DOM as an object hierarchical structure Processing the DOM
Navigating XML documents
  • Modifying XML with the DOM
  • Creating new XML documents using the DOM Manipulating XML with the DOM
Combining XML documents
  • Converting XML to HTML using the DOM
SAX Parsing
  • Event Handling with SAX
Handling XML Security
  • The Authentication Codes and Digital Signatures
  • Canonicalization Choices
  • Digest and Signature Choices
  • The KeyInfo Element
  • Encryption - RSA, DSA, DH, IDEA & PGP
Developing Server-Side Applications with XML
Options in transferring XML documents
  • The role of Active Server Pages (ASP) and Java Server Pages (JSP)
  • XML processing with ASP and JSP
  • Sending XML between ASP and JSP applications
  • Introduction to Web services

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