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Course Description

Visual Studio Team System (VSTS) 2008

Course Objective

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This course will provide an overview of the new environment ‘Visual Studio Team System 2008’ which is created for the whole team involved in software development. It will cover features and services of Team Foundation Server including work item tracking, source control and build configuration. The course also will cover client tools like Team Explorer, architectural tools, development tools and testing tools etc. A case will be worked out from end to end software development.

This course takes into account the features introduced in VSTS 2008.

What you will learn

  • What is VSTS and why such Application Lifecycle Management environment is required?
  • For a team on a software development project, how and where to begin using VSTS?
  • How VSTS will provide effort reduction and manage the project for better predictability?
  • How the System Definition Model (Solution Architecture) can be created using VSTS?
  • How to achieve better productivity of code development and quality of code ?
  • How to use Source control for versioning and code security?
  • How to model the database required for an application and then to deploy it.?
  • How to create multiple versions of the product by doing automated build?
  • How the reports are created and executed for the status of the project?
  • What are the opportunities for customizing and extending the entire environment of VSTS?

How will you apply what you have learnt?

  • Have understanding of how to use source control and workitem tracking by a team member playing any role.
  • Will be able to use various sets of tools that are role specific for better productivity and quality of work.
  • Will be able to manage the project with less effort as well as predict the outcome by various status reports.

Who should attend

This course is for professionals who may be playing any role in the software development team that is using Microsoft VSTS and are interested in learning how to use various features of VSTS. They should also fulfil following pre-requisites.

  • Two years experience as Project Manager or Team Lead or Development / Testing on Microsoft .NET
  • Understanding of SDLC ( Preferably MSF 3.0 )
  • Web Developers, Web Architects, Web Designers & Microsoft Platform Programmers


Participants should have

  • Two years experience as Project Manager or Team Lead or Development / Testing on Microsoft .NET
  • Understanding of SDLC ( Preferably MSF 3.0 )


  • Trainers Machine: Minimum P IV 2.7 GHz, 2 GB+ RAM, 40 GB HDD with Min. 20 GB free space
  • Participants Machines: Minimum P IV 2.3 GHz, 2 GB+ RAM, Min. 40 GB HDD with Min. 20 GB free space.


  • Windows XP Professional
  • Microsoft Virtual PC 2007


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