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Course Description

Oracle Applications 11i: Workflow 2.6

Course Objective

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Oracle Workflow delivers a complete workflow management system that supports business process based integration. Its technology enables modeling, automation, and continuous improvement of business processes, routing information of any type according to user-defined business rules.

This is a four-day extensive hands-on course that is designed to explain the architecture and features of Oracle Workflow and to explain the benefits of using Oracle Workflow in a business environment. By attending this course students will be able to setup and implement Oracle Workflow and also to write custom PL/SQL procedures to be used within their workflow processes.

What will you learn

  • Identify the basic aspects of the Workflow architecture and the role of Workflow in business
  • Create a new Workflow process and identify the steps used to plan a Workflow process
  • Create messages and message attributes
  • Create notification, function and process activities
  • Draw and modify Workflow process diagrams
  • Define your Oracle Workflow users and roles
  • Respond to notification activities
  • Monitor and administer the status of a workflow process
  • Write custom PL/SQL procedures that can be executed as automated functions in a workflow process
  • Manage notifications by using the Web-based features of Workflow
  • Describe the features and functionality of the background Engine
  • Identify the Directory Service views and their columns, identify the features of local tables and map the Directory Service views to Oracle applications
  • Identify the components of Workflow Monitor
  • Identify the components of the Workflow server that are automatically set up, such as the demonstration processes, administration scripts and the Workflow tables
  • List the optional setup steps possible in Oracle Workflow
  • Set up the access, protection and customization levels for Oracle Workflow
  • Set preferences in Global User Preferences and User Preferences Web page and select the features of ad hoc users and roles
  • Identify the different types of access to the Workflow Monitor and describe its functions like filtering activities, reviewing notifications and child/parent instances
  • Sequence the required steps to install Oracle Workflow standalone
  • Identify the function, activities, and features of the Workflow Engine
  • List the features of advanced queue processing and identify the steps involved in Advanced Queue integration

Who should attend

  • Oracle Applications Implementation team member
  • System analyst and administrators
  • Database administrators
  • Tech support professionals


  • Knowledge of SQL and Oracle PL/SQL
  • Working knowledge of SQL*Plus


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