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Onsite Training
What You Need Where You Want

Regardless if you need just one course for a small group, a certificate or hand-picked program, or comprehensive training for a large portion of your staff, Object & Data Labs is a total learning solutions provider. We are committed to keeping you competitive with the latest technologies and tools. Our blend of experience and flexibility allows us to easily adapt to and handle the particular challenges, company cultures and skill levels of any customer. Our depth of expertise also affords us the ability to add-in new course material and curriculum based on unique customer needs. Because our network of top instructors are widely distributed we're in the practice of delivering the same high quality and cost effective training throughout North America, Europe and Asia.

Onsite training program overview:
1.  The Very Latest and Sophisticated Technology Training.
2.  Cost-Effective Training to Advance Your Team.
3.  Customized Courses and Seminars to Meet the Needs of Your Organization.
4.  Tailored Industry Specific Assignments, Projects and Scenarios.
6.  Education Brought to Your Company based on your Timeline in Your Environment

BOTTOM LINE: We provide relevant and advanced content with industry specific problems and true expertise delivered in a time-efficient and cost-effective way globally.

Our qualified instructors will come to your location and hold the same comprehensive classes that are currently available at our training locations.

Why pay the travel expense of 3, 4 or 5 employees when it's less expensive to just bring the instructor to your location?

We will customize our courses for no additional charges and hold a session for as few as 3 attendees.

Onsite Training Request for Information
Please feel free to inquire about any onsite training need you have or are considering. You may also contact us at 408.898.4907 or info@objectdatalabs.com.

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