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Recommended Readings

Advanced SQL
  1. Database Systems Concepts Silberschatz, Korth, Sudarshan - Add Wesley ‘97
  2. SQL for Smarties - Advanced SQL Programming Joe Celko - Morgan Kaufmann ‘95
  3. Optimizing Transact SQL - Advanced Programming Techniques
    David Rozenshtein, et al - SQL Forum Press ‘95
  4. SQL Puzzles and Answer Joe Celko - Morgan Kaufmann Publishers ‘97
  5. SQL for Dummies - 3rd Ed Allen Taylor - IDG Books 1998
  6. ORACLE SQL High Performance Tuning Guy Harrison - Prentice Hall PTR - ‘97
  7. ORACLE SQL 101 Frequently Asked Questions Gary Lewis & Alex Sirota - Komeda Publishing ‘97
  8. Understanding the NEW SQL - A complete Guide Jim Melton & Alan Simon - Morgan Kaufmann ‘93
  9. The practical SQL Handbook - Using SQL
    Judith Bowman, Sandra Emerson, Marcy Darnovsky - Addison Wesley 1996
  10. Database Tuning - A Principled Approach Dennis E. Shasha - Prentice Hall 1992
  11. A Guide to The SQL Standard - 4th C. J. Date with Hugh Darwen - Add Wesley ‘97
  12. SQL Clearly Explained Jan Harrington - Academic Press ’98
  13. The Guru’s Guide to Transact SQL by Ken Henderson Add Wesley Publ:2000
Data Warehousing Technology
  1. The Data Warehouse Toolkit - Practical techniques for building dimensional warehouses
    Ralph Kimball - Wiley ‘96
  2. The Data Warehouse Life Cycle Toolkit
    Ralph Kimball, Laura Reeves, Margy Ross, Warren Thornwaite - Wiley, 1998
  3. Planning and Designing the Data Warehouse Ed Ramon Barquin & Herb Edelstein, Pren-Hall ‘97
  4. Building the Data Warehouse WH Inmon - Wiley ‘96
  5. The Data Warehouse Challenge - Taming data chaos Michael H. Brackett - Wiley ‘96
  6. Building a Data Warehouse for Decision Support Vidette Poe - Pren-Hall ‘96
  7. Data Mining Pieter Adriaans & Dolf Zantinge - Add-Wesley ‘96
  8. Data Mining - Practical machine learning tools and techniques with Java implementations
    Ian Whitley, Eibe Frank - Morgan Kaufmann 2000
  9. Data Warehouse Systems Analysis and Design Lockheed Martin’s Advanced Concepts Center ‘97
  10. An Overview of Data Warehousing and OLAP Technology SIGMOD Record Vol 26, No 1, March ’97
  11. Data Warehousing in the Real World Sam Anahory & Dennis Murray- Addison Wesley 1997
  12. Oracle8 Data Warehousing Gary Dodge & Tim Gorman - Wiley 1998
  13. Data Warehousing, Data Mining & OLAP Alex Berson & Stephen Smith McGraw Hill, 1997
  14. OLAP Solutions Erik Thomsen - Wiley, 1997
  15. Managing the Data Warehouse Inmon, Welch, Glassey - Wiley - 1997
  16. Data Warehouse Design Solutions Chris Adamson & Mike Venerable - John Wiley ‘98
  17. Data Mining - Tools, Techniques & Trends Bhavani Thuraisingham - CRC Press ‘98
  18. Data Warehousing: A Perspective Hemant Kirpekar, LM-ACC contract paper August ‘96
  19. Data Mining - Practical Machine Learning Tools and techniques with Java Implementations
    Ian Whitley & Eibe Frank - Morgan Kaufmann 2000
  20. Data Preparation for Data Mining by Dorian Pyle, Morgan Kaufmann, March 1999
Relational Database Concepts & Design
  1. Database Systems Concepts Silberschatz, Korth, Sudarshan - Add Wesley ‘01
  2. Object-Oriented Database Systems - Concepts and Architectures E. Bertino & L. Martino,
  3. A Guide to Sybase and SQL Server D. McGovern & C.J. Date, Addison-Wesley 1992.
  4. Principles of Database and Knowledge-Base Systems, Vols 1 & 2 J.D. Ullman
    Computer Science Press 1988
  5. Fundamentals of Database Systems, 2nd Edition R. Elmasri & S. Navathe,
    The Benjamin/Cummings Publishing Company
  6. Database: Principles, Programming and Performance P. O’Neil, Morgan Kaufmann Company
  7. Database Management Systems Ramakrishnan , Gehrke, McGraw-Hill ‘02
  8. The Science of Database Management Paul Helman, 1994
  9. Database Management F. McFadden & J. Hoffer, The Benjamin/Cummings Company 1993
  10. The Theory of Relational Databases D. Maier, Computer Science Press 1988
  11. Database Systems: A Practical Approach to Design, Implementation, and Management (3rd Edition)
    T. Connolly & C. Begg, Addison Wesley 1988
Oracle Applications
  1. Oracle E-Business Suite Financials Handbook by David James, et al; Paperback
  2. Oracle Certified Professional Financial Applications Consultant Exam Guide (Book/CD-ROM package) Christopher Allen, Vivian Chow; Hardcover
  3. Oracle E-Business Suite Financials Administration by Shankaran Iyer; Paperback
  4. Oracle E-Business Suite 11i: Implementing Core Financial Applications
  5. Oracle E-Business Suite Manufacturing & Supply Chain Management by Bastin Gerald, et al today!
Storage Area Networks
  1. Building Storage Networks by Marc Farley, 2nd Edition, MacGraw Hill, 2001
  2. Storage Area Network Essentials by Pau Massiglia, John Wiley & Sons, 2002
  1. Definitive XML Schemas by Priscilla Walmsley Prentice Hall Publ: 2002
  2. XML Schema Essentials by R. Allen Wyke and Andrew Watt John Wiley Publ: 2002
  3. Professional XML Schemas by Jon Duckett, et al WROX Press Publ: 2001
  4. Special Edition Using XML Schema by David Gulbranson Que Publ: 2002
  5. The XML Handbook by Charles Goldfarb & Paul Prescod Prentice Hall Publ:2000

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